Sule Aydın Hair Transplant

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Hair Transplant Specialist Şule Aydın was born in 1983.

Professional experience: Between 2001-2010 years specialized in hair transplant.

Since 2010, conducts research related to hair diseases and work related to this issue.

Specialist Sule Aydin offers her services on transplantation and hair treatment in the Sule Hair Clinic.

Specialist Sule Aydin serves patients from different regions of the world at the Sule Hair Clinic. Sule Aydin, who performs hair transplantation using FUE technology, also uses DHI method hair transplantation technique.


Sule Aydın Hair Transplant

Our clinic offers high-quality services to our both local and foreign patients for 7 years, and we continue to offer them. We are waiting you for free hair analysis, do not waste time.

Our hair transplant center is in the clinic and operations are carried out by specialists in sterile environment teams.

Our priority is to provide quality services in accordance with ethical rules for our patients’ satisfaction that come to our country thanks to health tourism.  

Our guests meet at the airport as a VIP, also provided transfer, accommodation services, meeting-interpreters.


I got my transplant done in January 2016 by Ms. Sule After 10 months I got satisfactory results of my hair transplant surgery. The surgery was very painless for me. I really recommend Sule Hair.

Garet, United Kingdom

I just could not believe that I have lost soo much of my hair at the age of 30 and I started looking for hair transplant clinic. After doing some research I decided to go ahead for FUE Sapphire Hair Transplant @ Sule Hair Transplant Clinic in Istanbul. After 1 year, result was much better than what I was dreaming.

Liam, Canada

I had FUE Sapphire Hair Transplant for front line and everything was really good. They told the truth that result will be slow which took 10 months. After 10 months I was very happy.I felt it’s the best decision. They all are good and expertise I would recommend for my friends and relatives.

Sylke, Netherlands

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