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Frequently asked questions

Is my age suitable for hair transplant?2018-10-12T08:37:02+00:00

The age of the patient is important in hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is planned essentially according to the each and every patient, and operated meticulously. Planning the hair transplantation and for the natural look of the hair, age of the patient is quite important.

How long does hair transplantation take?2018-10-12T08:38:13+00:00

Hair transplantation operations takes aproximately 6 to 8 hours. This time range includes the vital needs of the patient such as meals and rest.

How long does it take to grow the hair after the process?2018-10-12T08:38:59+00:00

After the hair transplant operation, hair will begin to grow at the end of the third month, and in a year, this process will be completed and hairs will have a natural look.

Is the donator area (the area of nape-forehead) enough?2018-10-12T08:39:54+00:00

The examination before the hair plant operation will determine whether the patient is suitable for hairplant operation or not. This examination occurs by checking the patient’s forehead area.

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