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Is Your Hair Healthy Enough for a Hair Transplant?

Is Your Hair Healthy Enough for a Hair Transplant

Success of your hair transplant operations depends on various factors. You need healthy hair roots to have successful results. Brittle or weak hair roots might decrease the success rate of the hair transplant operations.

During hair transplant, hair roots are kept outside for certain period of time. Although this time depends on selected method, it is not possible to completely avoid it. In DHI, hair roots are kept outside for a shorter period. Yet, if you hair roots are weak, it might be hard for this roots to settle in transplanted area.

Hair Analysis to Check Hair Health

Before deciding on hair transplant, you need to consult to a doctor about healthy of your hair roots. Doctor will examine your hair roots with hair analysis. Hair analysis is a method to determine overall structure of your hair and your scalp.

Hair analysis results are important to plan hair transplant surgery. This analysis is also a method to determine hair loss level. After this analysis, your doctor will decide on number of grafts necessary for your operation as well as hair transplant method.

If you have weak hair roots, doctor might recommending increasing strength of your hair before hair transplant operation. There are few things you can do to strengthen your hair roots.

Strengthen Your Hair Roots

First, you can try homemade remedies such as garlic masks or olive oil masks. If you apply these to your hair regularly, you will eventually start to see some results. But it can take years to see actual result.

If you want faster solution, your doctor might prescribe you some medication. These medications also prevent hair loss while strengthening your hair. You might have hair transplant surgery while using these medications. Combination of medication and surgery can increase overall success rate.

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