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Maintenance After Hair Transplant

Maintenance After Hair Transplant

You need to take care of your hair after hair transplant. This maintenance after hair transplant will impact the success of your operation. If you follow all the instructions of the doctor, you can enjoy a pleasant recovery.

How to Take Care of You Hair?

You need to follow hair care instructions provided by your doctor or transplant team.

  • First hair washing after your transplant is generally made by the team in the clinic. In this hair washing, you learn how to take care of your hair for couple of months.
  • You need to use shampoos and other medication provided by the doctor.
  • Try to consume as much as water possible. Water will keep you hydrated and your healing process will be faster.
  • Try to rest as much as you can in the first week. Staying at home or at the hotel will help you heal faster.

Things You Need to Avoid After Hair Transplant

If you want your hair to grow in health and fast way, there are few things you need to avoid after hair transplant.

  • Try to avoid smoking for at least one week. If possible, try quitting smoking. Smoking harms your hair roots and prevent healthy hair growth. As smoking reduced blood circulations, newly transplanted hair roots might not get all the nutrients they need.
  • Try to avoid alcohol for couple of weeks. Alcohol will thin your blood which might cause bleeding after the operation. Although there are no large scars or incisions, you will still have micro holes due to extraction and implanting.
  • You must avoid scraping the crusts on your hair. These crusts must fall naturally. You might damage new hair roots if you scrape these crusts.
  • After hair transplant, you need to avoid exercising for at least 2 weeks. Sweating might damage your hair. Also, you need to avoid boxing or any other sport that involves impact for at least 30 days.
  • Avoid blood thinner until your doctor approves. This is because of the same reason we have stated above. Blood thinners can increase bleeding in the micro wholes.
  • Avoid swimming in sea and pool for at least 30 days. Sea and pool water will damage your new hair roots. You can start swimming after 45 days. But after swimming, you need to rinse your hair with fresh water.
  • Avoid direct sun contact for 1 or 2 weeks. Wear a soft hat to protect your hair from sun. Direct exposure can damage your hair roots.

In addition to all instructions provided here, you need to follow all recommendations of your doctor and transplant team. Durations given here might change depending on your healing procedure.

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