Hair Transplant Turkey

DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey

DHI Hair Transplant

In recent years, more and more men are choosing DHI hair transplant in Turkey. This method is one of the best ways to say goodbye to hair loss. And having the operation in Turkey has lots of benefits. DHI or also known as direct hair implant uses CHOI pen. So, it is different then FUE hair transplant.

As Turkey gained popularity, it has been a trending destination for cosmetic surgery. Patients feel secure in this country. And the reputation of Turkish hair transplant doctors have spread across the countries. All of these contribute to the increasing demand for hair transplant.

What is DHI Technique?

The DHI technique, which stands for Direct Hair Implant, is a technique that offers direct hair transplantation. The hair follicles are collected from the donor region. This region is the back part of the head. Then, these collected follicles are planted without delay into the region. There is no need to open canals to implant hair follicles.

No incisions are made during this procedure. So, there will be almost no bleeding. Therefore, hair transplantation can be completed extra often in comparison to FUE. In addition, the healing manner is relatively short as there may be no incision. Special pens enables direct hair extraction and direct hair implant.

This way, hair roots do not have to contact with air. Contact with air or other external elements might damage the roots. In this method, root damage is minimised. Also, since the roots spend less time in the external environment, their chances to grow strong increases.

How Does Hair Transplantation Work?

DHI hair transplant in Turkey will provide permanent results. After the patient recovers completely, the new hair implants will look exactly like their original hair. No one will understand they had any hair transplant surgery.

As technology in medicine advances, it is possible to achieve the most natural hair transplant results. Doctors re now redesigning the entire hairline. And it is almost impossible to distinguish the new hairline from the original hairline.

In addition to this, hair transplant surgeons adjust the thickness of new hair. This way, hair look good and fuller. This requires high level of expertise. Doctors implant each hair root according to the hair growth direction.

DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey

DHI hair transplant in Turkey is highly popular among foreign individuals. As hair transplant abroad increases its popularity, Turkey has become a hot destination. Since the country has the best hair transplant surgeons, foreigners are choosing Turkey.

Also, the country offers other opportunities like travelling. In most cases, patients come to Turkey with their families. After their operation, they visit the touristic attractions in İstanbul. Grand Bazaar, Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Hagia Sophia and Bosporus are among the popular destinations.

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