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Creating a Natural Hairline With Hair Transplant

Natural Hairline

Most people decide to have hair transplant to fight against receding hairline. In receding hairline, hair in front part of the hair begins to fall. This creates bald areas around forehead. Carefully planned hair transplant can help creating the hairline.

Hairline Design Before Hair Transplant

Before hair transplant operation, doctors separate front part of the head into three sections. These are front hairline, transition region and defined region. Each region plays an important role to achieve natural looking hair line.

Front Hairline: This section will define the borders of your hair. This region is the front part from one ear to the other one. People will first see this region. Therefore, it is extremely important to implant correct number of grafts with correct angle.

Transition Region: Transition region connects front hairline with defined region. Well-executed graft implant in this region will increase the natural look of the front hairline.
Defined Region: This is the 2-3 cm area between your front hairline and top of your hair. Generally, number of grafts used in this area are higher. This region enhances the natural look of transplanted hair.

Before hair transplant, your doctor will carefully plan how hair will be implanted in all three regions. Planning is essential for successful results. Harmony between these three regions will increase the success of the operation.

What Do You Need for Natural Hairline?

Most important element for creating a natural hairline with hair transplant is the skills of doctor. Experience and expertise play an important role in this area. Additionally, choosing the correct hair transplant method also enhances the natural look.

In most cases, DHI offers the most natural hairline. In DHI hair transplant method, special CHOI pens enable grafts to be implanted with desired angles. Also, thicker hair implant is possible with this method. Yet, if doctor is experienced, natural hairline can be achieved with other hair transplant methods such as Sapphire and Slit.

How Is Natural Look Achieved?

Generally, one line of hair is implanted to front hair line. Thickness and voluminous look is achieved in defined region and transition region. However, doctor will decide the number of grafts required for the operation.

Doctors often preserve the natural curve of the hairline. Rather than straight hairline, curved and slightly receding hairline will have more natural results. Direction and angle also plays a key role for natural hairline look.

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