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How to Diagnose Hair Loss Level?

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Experts stated that approximately 95% of hair loss in men is caused by androgenetic alopecia. Androgenetic alopecia is commonly known as male pattern baldness. Men with this type of baldness generally experience significant depression and self-confidence problems. For that reason, they want doctors to diagnose hair loss level and recommend appropriate treatment.

There are few method that can be followed during hair loss level diagnosis. Doctors adopt one of the methods before recommending hair transplant. It is important to understand the level of hair loss to plan the operation adequately.

Make an Appointment

First thing you need to do is to make an appointment with the doctor. This way, doctor can see your level of hair loss and bald areas. If you are considering to have the hair transplant in another country, you might send photos of your head to doctor.

In this case, doctors want photos of both sides, front view, back views and top view. By looking at these photos, doctors can have general idea about your hair loss level. However, you need to physically see the doctor before the operation. This way, doctor can examine your hair quality and hair root quality.

Hair Analysis

When you made a physical appointment, doctors will use hair analysis. Hair analysis shows hair root quality and strength. These two factors are important since hair roots will be collected from donor regions. Different methods might be necessary for fragile hair roots.

Scalp Biopsy

Scalp biopsy is rarely applied. Yet, this is one of the method to understand hair loss level. Scalp biopsy is generally applied in extreme baldness cases. Extreme baldness is rare and different treatments might be necessary.

Norwood Scale

Norwood scale is also known as Hamilton-Norwood scale. This is the most common scale used in determining hair loss level in male pattern baldness. There are seven different hair loss levels. Doctors recommend hair transplant for hair loss over stage 3. For stage 2 and stage 1.

With these methods, doctors can easily diagnose hair loss level of the patient. Accordingly, patients can decide to have hair transplant surgery. After diagnosis, doctors will talk to patient to select the appropriate hair transplant method. Transplant method might be selected based on hair loss level.

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