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How Typical is Shock Loss After Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair transplant surgery is a detailed operation where hair grafts are removed and relocated on the scalp. Removing hair grafts naturally causes certain damage around the operation area. Regardless of how careful the operation is completed; this damage is inevitable. And such damage can cause what we call shock loss.

There are lots of questions and concerns related with shock loss. Most importantly, patients panic when they experience hair loss after the operation. Actually, shock loss is normal after hair transplant. And generally there is no need to panic about it.

Shock Loss Definition

Shock loss is a hair loss that is experienced after hair transplant surgery. This loss can occur in both donor and recipient area. Although doctors are extremely careful and sensitive during hair transplant, damage is inevitable. Hair around extraction and implanting region can get damaged during these procedures. And this damage causes hair around these area to fall.

Is Shock Loss Permanent Hair Loss?

No. Shock loss is temporary. After this loss and appropriate recovery period, your hair will start to grow. New implanted hair will grow in these regions. But you need to be patient and not panic about hair loss.

Will I Experience Shock Loss After Hair Transplant Surgery?

It is highly possible that you will experience shock loss after hair transplant surgery. While some people experience this loss only around recipient area, some people can experience in both donor and recipient area. This depends on the reaction of your scalp. There is no certain rule for this type of loss. So, it can occur anywhere or may not occur at all. However, not experiencing this loss is a rare case.

Do I Need to Panic?

You don’t need to panic when you experience this loss. It is the natural part of hair transplant procedure. Doctors will inform you about this phenomena before the surgery. So, you will be prepared to experience hair loss after the surgery. Your new hair will start to grow approximately 6 months after the operation. Generally, full hair growth takes up to 1 year.

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