Hair Transplant Turkey

Why is hair transplant so cheap in Turkey?

There are multiple factors affecting hair transplant prices. Quality treatment and more affordable prices compared to other countries provide an advantage in choosing. These advantages include allowing countries located in Turkey. In the plantation with both tourism professionals need Turkey is among the first countries preferred.

Search plantation in Turkey stands out clear from other countries in spite of the price in accordance with global standards. Deciding to go abroad for treatment is a very difficult decision. Patients want to see the procedure and its results beforehand. Turkey is in communication with patients as possible in this regard.

Turkey is playing a major role in the choice to give confidence to patients in this way. To see so much of the demand in Turkey makes hair transplantation process is more suitable prices. As the prices are reduced to more favorable prices, the number of requests increases. Therefore, by making Turkey more suitable prices and better quality services by seeing more demand.

Why Turkey Popular for Hair Transplant?

Turkey, a 4000 graft hair for hair transplantation is approximately $ 1,900 dollars. In foreign countries, $ 20,000 is required for the same amount of hair transplantation. the price difference is mainly due to the treatment of patients prefer taking in Turkey.

Move abroad came to Turkey both in treatment and disease are the opportunity to make their holiday. These advantages are thus preferred to be among the first countries to Turkey plantation. Not only is it affordable but also with the level of expertise and technological facilities are on the move to the forefront of Turkey plantation.

These as well as many foreign patients of the clinics in Turkey usually send a car to pick you up from the airport, it is to send the patient to provide comfort and safely back to their country.

Hair Transplant Process in Turkey

If you want to make your hair transplant treatment in Turkey, you must first choose where to make your treatment. You should then make an appointment with the clinic you decided on. You can make appointments over the internet or by phone. You must choose where to stay to come to Turkey after receiving a plane ticket.

After being in the clinic on the day and time of the operation, treatment can now be started. The operation takes about 6 to 8 hours and you can return to your daily life within a few days. You can return to your country 3 days after seeing your doctor at regular intervals and receiving your doctor’s approval.

Who Can Travel to Turkey to Make a Hair Transplant?

Anyone over a certain age can have a hair transplant. This process can be applied for both arbitrary reasons and necessity. We can classify those who want to have hair transplantation as follows;

• Women who want a narrower and aesthetic forehead,
• Hair loss due to age or genetic makeup.
• Those who want to look younger.
• Those who want to increase the density of their hair.
• Anyone who wants to reach a permanent solution has the chance to have a hair transplant.

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