Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair Transplant for Women

Hair Transplant for Women

Hair transplant often works like magic for men. Number of men that have hair transplant are increasing. And majority of these men are really happy with results. Women who see these successful results also believes that hair transplant can be a solution to their hair loss problem.

In case of women, things are not that simple. There are strict criteria to be considered as a good hair transplant candidate. This is often related with hair loss of women. But there is also other options for women who cannot be considered as a good hair transplant candidate.

Hair Loss Type for Women

Hair loss of men and women are different. Men generally lose hair from their hairline. Receding hairline is the most common problem. But in women, hair loss often starts from back of the head. This part of the head has the strongest hair follicles and back of the head is the ideal donor area for hair transplant.

Men experience a condition called androgenic alopecia. This is also known as male type baldness. Hair transplant surgeries produce good results with this type of hair loss and baldness. However, women rarely experience such hair loss. Alopecia of women is different from men.

Are You A Good Hair Transplant Candidate?

You need to book an appointment from the doctor to lean exactly. You might be a good hair transplant candidate. But since hair loss type of women are different than men, women are generally not a good candidate for hair transplant. Candidate ratios can be as low as 2%. This means 2 women among every 100 hundred women are suitable candidates. This ratio is extremely low compared to men.

PRP Treatment As An Alternative

Instead of hair transplant, women should consider other alternatives such as PRP treatment. This treatment can increase the strength of hair loss. At some point, this treatment can trigger new hair growth. Appropriate methods will produce amazing results on women as well.

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